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NEW 2m C4FM DV Gateway for Leeds & Bradford

check it here MB6PD running an unattended 24/7 service on 144.850Mhz

My video's about how to operate Wires-X are HERE on my youtube channel ....

if you want to chat my room is CQ-UK 27793

What is the CQ-UK on WIRES-X its a ROOM on D-STAR it would be a REFLECTOR on DMR a Talk Group like UKWIDE

search for the most used rooms by clicking on the Act (ACTIVITY) BUTTON twice to sort most popular Rooms/Reflectors

How to get on Wires-X without a digital radio...

How to get on Wires-X without a digital radio.... Purchase a HRI-200 box cost £109.00 + delivery. You'll need internet access then using your analog equipment I.E. any Yaesu that has a data socket on the back 7900, 817, 8800, 8900 etc and a Boafeng handheld to do this......remember though which ever radio you use as the node radio will be tied up just doing that, so use one that you don't rely on for anything else. you will need a dummy load for the back of the node radio so as not to upset Ofcom.....

Setting up a Virgin Media Router for the HRI-200

On your router i.e. the Virgin Media Hub you need the following UDP ports open for the HRI-200 to connect to the internet ports 46100, 46110, 46112, 46114,46120, 46122 to do this on your super hub router if you haven't done so already your router password will normally printed on the bottom of the router on a small white label as will your user name. Unless you've already changed this...

open your browser and type in the address line, then enter your router password once your in the Super hub (click pic 1) then go to advanced settings (click pic 2) then go to port forwarding (click pic 3) add a new rule call it HRI-200 as I have in the picture, then in the start port type 46100 in the end port type 46123 in the protocol box change the drop down to  from TCP & UDP to UDP only. finally you have to set the IP address , open a CMD prompt window in windows and type IPCONFIG then press enter ( see pic 4)  it will spew out information on what IP address that has been assigned to  your PC by the Router in my case the adapter is the IPv4 Address which is ( yours may be different ) you have to put the last digit of  this address in (pic 3) IP address then click Add rule and Apply your router  should then save and restart....

this is how most routers handle port forwarding so it may work on many others but will obviously look a little different in the layout...


Assuming you are connected to the local node (long press of the DX or X button).  If you know the node ID of the other station, on FT1DE, press FN 'V/M' followed by the DTMF ID of the node.  On the FTM-100DE, press the '#' button on the mike for over 1 second followed by the DTMF ID of the node.  On the FT-991, on the bottom row of buttons choose the 4th button (Search & Direct) on the next screen showing the Keypad choose [DIRECT] which is in a white box

on the next screen choose [ID] also in a white box it will automatically put in the hash symbol # then type the node number not the room number then hit [ENT] on the keypad.  These sequences will drop both of you out of the CQ-UK and into dialled room.

When you disconnect (FT1D, press 'Band' button for more than 1 second, FTM-100DE press '*' button for more than 1 second, FT-991 [DISCNCT] button) at the end of your chat, both nodes will return immediately to CQ-UK room ID 27793


If you don't get sarcasm, then this section is all about Me.....


funny things neighbour's said about my 13m high mast & antenna's..


" how longs that wire been hanging across you garden, I've only just noticed it. its an eyesore" 

reply.. "4 years, don't worry when the sun goes in it'll disappear again"

Member of

Radio Society of Great Britain R.S.G.B

Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society R.S.A.R.S No. #4221

Digital modes club D.M.C No. #7828

Belgium Digital modes club B.D.M No. #4842

European phase shift keying club E.P.C No. #24429


Biography of M0SGS

Born in 1958, and using radio since 1974 as an Army radio operator with the 8th Signals Regiment 74-76 and later a Specialist Data telegraphist with Victor Troop 233 signal squadron HQNI  << (click the link & read if you want to see where the acronym I.T. really came from hihi. ) I then left the Services in 1978 and moved back to Leeds.

After 10 years of self employment as both an Electrician and Alarm installer I landed a Job in the emerging I.T. industry in which I had a varied and exciting career until in late 2006 when my wife became disabled, I then left the IT industry to become her full time carer.

In the 1990s my good friend M1PAC (Phil) and I Attended Leeds University City and Guilds Amateur radio course but due to work commitments I had to leave the course and M1PAC (Phil) stayed and Passed..... In 2012 M1PAC approached me to try Amateur radio again and in June of that year I passed the foundation course... In July of 2014 I passed the Intermediate and in June 2015 I managed to get my Advanced licence.

Although I am no longer a member, I would still say Rod (G8AQH) of OTLEY ARS is a great teacher, perfect if you want to progress to the next level, the support and encouragement I received from the membership has led in no small part to the fact that I am now a Full Licence holder.

Why Amateur Radio

In the advent of today's technology why do you want to use something like radio. Because its where most of today's technology started and probably where most of tomorrow's technology will come from..... Consider today's mobile phone its a radio plain and simple, without Amateur radio it may never have been invented, WI-FI is radio, Most remote controls from Car to Quadcopter use radio waves, most of Yesterday's, Today's and Tomorrows Space travel relies on Radio. Consider where this world would be without it... food for thought. Now imagine if the internet disappeared overnight what would we use to send messages and emails yes you guessed it RADIO. I am an Amateur Radio Enthusiast I'm not stuck in the past, I'm helping to invent the FUTURE.....

Location info


Latitude 53.796748 (53° 47' 48'' N)

Longitude -1.675796 (1° 40' 33'' W)

Contact info

QSL is via Bureau, eQsl.cc, Clublog, HRDlog, or Direct


Antenna's approx 630ft ft Above sea Level.


Long Wire 160-40m

G5RV 1/2 Size 40-6m

G7FEK Marconi nested 80-40-20-10


Sharmans X-300 Co-Linear 3.1m 6dB & 9dB

Diamond V2000 2/70/6m

My thanks

To the following Amateurs for their help and support

M1PAC (Phil) for starting it all (he's to blame).

G0NIG (Nigel) for Antenna's and my introduction to SDR.

G8AQH (Rod) for having the ability & patience to teach this Idiot.

G0SNV (Jack) for his support and enthusiasm.

M0RSF (Chris) for info on QRP and SOTA and Digital modes.

2E0WJC (Billy) for his intro into Digital modes and the EPC.